About Us

Our skilled instructors

Our Instructors are industry leaders with decades of experience. They have been teachers and instructors in reputed schools, colleges and educational institutions. The team is managed by our CEO Shivansh Sethi who has 10+ years of experience in the field of Drones.

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Amith Bala


Amith Bala has 3+ years of teaching. Amith is a Design Engineer At Aiotize, Expertise in UAV Design, Materials and UAV Analysis. Join in CAD Classes with Amith Bala to Build your Drone.

Kavish Shah


Kavish Shah is a Drone Design Engineer with expertise in Design, Analysis And Materials. Join FEA classes with Kavish Shah and Become an expert in Finite element analysis (FEA).

Sameer Guru


Sameer Guru Is an UAV Engineer from Vel Tech University Expert in UVA Development and Components Analysis. Join in with Sameer Guru To Build your First Drone. 

Our Story

Aiotize Academy was established in 2019 as an online academy. We have been on the task for education
well-being and growth of individuals with our range of online courses. Aiotize Academy is our aim to provide learning all across while being the best e-school.

What Makes Us Experts?

Varied areas of expertise

Skills in Drone Piloting

Expert Teachers

Wide array of experience in Drone Building

Leading domain experts and Influencers as course instructors and mentors

Knowledge and Personal Experiences to Problem Solving

10+ Online courses
Expert Instructions
Lifetime Access