Internet Of Drones | About Aiotize

Episode 2 :  Internet of Drones | About Aiotize, is the Second episode of the series of The Aioitze Podcast Hosted by Randhir Singh [COO, Aiotize].


It is the salary system, you work for 30 days, and get your salary on 31st day , we have to break this cycle, is the biggest challenge, most of us are not able to come out of that comfort zone.

-Shivansh Sethi

With our guest on the second episode of The Aiotize podcast, we have Mr. Shivansh Sethi, CEO | Founder of Aiotize, with many years of Industry experience. With Host of the show Randhir Singh, COO of Aiotize. 

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Aiotize focuses on building On-Demand Drones and On-Demand AI for the world. We Research, Design, Build, Test and Deliver the best Products to the Industry. In this podcast we discuss about the journey of Aiotize Pvt Ltd. from scratch to high levels. 

 Episode 2: Internet Of Drones | THE AIOTIZE PODCAST | About Aiotize And Drones.

Directed By Atif Khan.