Warfare Drones | Applications of Drones

Episode 1 :  Warfare Drones | Applications of Drones, is the first episode of the series of The Aioitze Podcast Hosted by Randhir Singh [COO, Aiotize].


Something flying is always fascinating, I remember we as kids like to fly kites, similarly this drone technology is attracting many youngsters and commercial companies.

-Sumit Sharma  

With our first guest on the first episode of The Aiotize podcast, we have Mr. Sumit Sharma, Who is a drone Specialist, with many years of Industry experience. With Host of the show Randhir Singh, COO of Aiotize. 

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In this podcast its all about applications and usage of drones in all sectors of the Industry. Sumit Sharma also tells us how drones are used in warfare and the future career opportunities as drone pilots. 

 Episode 1: Warfare Drones | THE AIOTIZE PODCAST | Applications of Drones

In this episode we talk about different applications of drones, warfare of drones and much more.

Produced By Shivansh Sethi.

Directed By Atif Khan.