Introduction to Static Structural 

Analysis Using FEA

Learn how to perform Linear Static Analysis on drones, wings and other structures
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Introduction to Static Structural  Analysis Using FEA

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Learn from the industry expert 

A course designed systematically & delivered by Kavish Shah.

Learn how to perform Linear Static Analysis on drones

 It shows techniques and tools how to set up a model for Finite Element Analysis.

How To Analyze Results and Enhance Product Quality

 After you create your model it's time to test a model by simulating the real environment upon which you can make changes and enhance the quality of the model.

Course Curriculum

  • 1. Introduction to Finite Element Analysis
  • 2. Getting Started with SimScale
  • 3. Static Structural analysis on various mechanical structures
  • 4. FEA Analysis on Aircraft wing

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Learn the fundamentals of FEA on different Materials

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About the Instructor

Kavish Shah is a Design And Materials Engineer at Aiotize, with 2+ years of Experience in performing Finite Element Analysis.

 Kavish, is a student of Manipal Institute of Technology, with B.Tech in Aeronautical Engineering. Minor in Aerodynamics

He has published Research Papers in the field of Bio-Mechanics and materials science background.

What our students say about this course

This course was extremely useful because it taught me how to properly build drone foundations and assemble them. Additionally, the instructors did a fantastic job presenting their lessons. I strongly recommend this course to students who are interested in drones


This was my first time taking a class with Aiotize Academy, so it was a unique experience for me. However, I am very pleased with this format. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable, worked at a good pace, and, most importantly, communicated effectively.

Aasim Sayed

Everything in this course appeals to me. Each explanation works for me, and it provides me with a wealth of information and know-how in terms of defining information needs, accessing online resources, and upgrading my skills and knowledge in the area of UAVs.

Amit Kharade

Discover the tools and steps to do Static Structural  Analysis Using FEA

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